First days in Dublin

I took a bus down from Belfast yesterday and then a cab over to my new Airbnb on St Kevin’s Road. The cab driver was confused about which I meant because apparently there are a million Kevin’s and St Kevin’s roads/avenues/ways/bridges/parks in Dublin. I take it Kevin was a popular guy.

This new place is a lot bigger than my Belfast Airbnb. I love it already. It’s definitely quirky, though. There are a ton of spices to use but they’re all out of my reach because the cabinets are so high. All the flooring is wood but so is the staircase, meaning it’s super noisy and the bannister leans. But my bed is huge and comfortable and there’s plenty of space to do work. Supposedly there’s another Airbnb guest staying in the other room right now but he got in late and left early, so I assume I won’t see much of him, which is fine. Riley is flying in tomorrow and we’ll go to Howth and have afternoon tea, then go on a week-long road trip to the western part of the country. I just got to this Airbnb and I won’t even be using it for the next week.

What that means, though, is I’ll be sightseeing every day, and though she swears she tried to make it an easy schedule, Riley has us booked pretty solid.

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