A day out in Dublin

Hey-o, it’s been forever since I posted pictures of my Ireland wanderings. About a week and a half ago, I went out to the National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology), which houses a huge collection of Egyptian, Irish, and other artifacts, along with my absolute favorite–the bog bodies! Basically, these are the remains of people who, thousands of years ago, were ritually sacrificed and thrown into a bog. The acidity of the bog preserves them in a way that embalming never could. Most of them are found when Irish farmers plow a field, so they’re a bit tattered, but these bog bodies have hair and fingernails and expressions on their faces–it’s amazing. Left is a hasty picture of the outside of the museum.

I had tea at the museum’s little cafe. I just love the availability of scones here.

Then I walked around Dublin looking at bookstores and scoping out peaceful/uncrowded places to write. I stepped through St Stephen’s Green, which is a pretty large downtown park. Also included are some pictures of the canal right next to my AirBnb. The swans haven’t given me any trouble but I hear they’ve chased some other tourists. I just pointedly don’t look at them as I pass and they get the message. Swans are jerks.

I also went on a multi-day trip to Sligo with my college friend, Anthony. I’ll post about it later, with some fabulous nature pictures. Ireland is beautiful.

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