Sara Ramey writes strange fiction in Oklahoma. She received an MFA from the University of Arkansas and a Sturgis International Fellowship to live and write in Dublin. Her fiction can be found in Easy Street’s anthology, among other places, and her Arabic co-translations recently appeared in Words Without Borders and On the Seawall. A native of southern Arizona, she is obsessed with water, transformations, and mythological creatures.

Short Stories

Sea ChangePortal 10, an Easy Street anthology, July 2019

The Ceiling of the Porch is BluePorter House Review, June 2019

Spiritual Possessions (And Their Owners) – The Madison Review, Spring 2018


from Vienna – co-translated with Nicole Fares for On the Seawall, October 2020

Vienna – co-translated with Nicole Fares for Words Without Borders, October 2019

Fellowships & Honors

Sturgis International Fellow (Dublin, Ireland) – 2019

Black Warrior Review
fiction contest finalist – 2019

Porter House Review Editor’s Prize in Fiction finalist – 2019

Carolyn F. Walton Cole Fellowship in Fiction, selected by Aurelie Sheehan – 2018

Lily Peter Fellowship in Fiction, selected by Alix Ohlin – 2018

Easy Street Portal Prize in Speculative Fiction finalist – 2018

Book Reviews

World Literature Today

Pearls on a Branch by Najla Khoury, trans. Inea Bushnaq

Iraq +100 ed. Hassan Blasim

Praise for the Women of the Family by Mahmoud Shukair

Palestine +100 ed. Hassan Blasim

The Arkansas International

The New Order by Karen Bender

The Kremlin Ball by Curzio Malaparte, trans. Jenny McPhee

Moonbath by Yanick Lahens, trans. Emily Gogolak

Palaces by Simon Jacobs

Missives from the Green Campaign by David Armstrong

Neapolitan Chronicles by Anna Maria Ortese, trans. Ann Goldstein

The Icelandic Cure by J.D. Moyer

The Science of Lost Futures by Ryan Habermeyer

The Iconoclast’s Journal by Terry Griggs

For Isabel: A Mandala by Antonio Tabucchi, trans. Elizabeth Harris

An Untouched House by Willem Frederik Hermans, trans. David Colmer

Who’s Who When Everyone Is Someone Else by C. D. Rose

Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea by Sarah Pinsker